SALES: Festive Fancy Layers Gown (Big Ribbon Bow) (RED) [PRETTY_NYG_02A]

RM 75.00 RM 95.00


[PRETTY_NYG_02A] SALES: Festive Fancy Layers Gown (Big Ribbon Bow) (RED)... RM75 / pcs
女童高档刺绣立体蛋糕款公主礼服裙 (大蝴蝶结) ~ 大红色

- 高档面料,上身是空面竹节棉,下摆是的欧根纱,纯棉底裙,质量上乘。
* Very Good Quality ...
* Pls do not compare with the other low quality gowns that are available in the market. We truely believed that your princess deserve this Superiors Design & High Quality Gown.

This outstanding,high quality gowns have been hand crafted and woven with only the finest of materials. It has a bodice which is embellished with an embroidered design of flowers that are finished with pretty sequinned buds. The full skirt is elegantly layered with a tulle mesh fabric and is laced with delicate glitter, while the pretty flower bow trails beautifully and a tie bow to the back.

These special gowns are sure to make girls feel and look like they have just stepped out of a their very own castle.

#3T (2-3yr) (RM75) ==>
#4T (3-4yr) (RM75) ==>
#5T (4-5yr) (RM75) ==>
#6T (5-6yr) (RM75) ==>
#7T (6-7yr) (RM75) ==>
#8T (7-8yr) (RM75) ==>

Size .. Length .. Chest .. Waist
#3T .. 50cm .. 27cm*2 .. 26cm*2
#4T .. 55cm .. 28cm*2 .. 27cm*2
#5T .. 60cm .. 29cm*2 .. 28cm*2
#6T .. 64cm .. 31cm*2 .. 30cm*2
#7T .. 74cm .. 32cm*2 .. 31cm*2
#8T .. 78cm .. 34cm*2 .. 33cm*2

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